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06 February 2007


The Southender

First, I am a gay white male. Second, if you haven't noticed the influx of overprvileged and pretentious yuppies in this neighborhood over the last two years, then I would suggest you spend less time taking smoldering pouty photos of yourself and get out more often.

And I CAN offer proof that a good number of my 21-year-old spoiled rotten and inconsiderate neighbors did in fact have their condo's paid for by mummy and daddy. As if the fact that they are college students alone isn't proof enough, then the deeds that list mummy and/or daddy's name (via the City of Boston tax assessment office) should be even better proof.

Good for you that you worked hard to get what you have. So did the artists, dancers and musicians who lived here prior to the yuppie influx (back when interesting people lived here). I have a hunch that you are in the minority of the new wave of South Enders if you got where you are on your own merits.

You are clearly an intelligent man from the writing on your blog, however, you are completely lacking a sense of humor. My blog is meant to amuse and probably won't sit well with people as precious as yourself. Apparently I must have struck a nerve....

One more thing: You would be absolutely shocked if you knew who I was. We've met. A few times.

James Bailey

First- THANK YOU for coming to, reading, and commenting at my blog! When I switched services (from Blogger to Typepad) I lost some readers and have not been able to re-generate much interest. Even my friends and family are fading.

Though intrigued, I am not so sure I would be shocked if I knew who you were. The South End being what it is (insular, small) I suspected that our paths would have crossed at some point.

My response to your comment will appear later today.

Thanks again.


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